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LML commissions landed!

After quite a financial mix up by Lovemylotto admin, they have finally sorted out my commissions this month. Another £45 landed, which although down slightly from last month, still represents more than the ticket prices each month! This was the first month that commissions arrived via moneybookers rather than by cheques. However, we did receive […]

Lovemylotto Commissions arrived


Another business cycle ended for Lovemylotto and commissions have arrived at my door! Today i got a cheque for £58.20 which is up 16% on last month. Good growth and an excellent payrise if i can duplicate that increase every month! Enclosed also was a detailed breakdown of how the Lotto commissions were calculated and […]

My First Lovemylotto Commissions


I’m pleased to show you some proof! Today i received my first Lovemylotto commission cheque which was for a short time during the first month of December 2010. I got a cheque in for £50.30 (thats about $75US)! The amount was for commissions only and did not include my lotto winnings. The team look for […]

Lovemylotto commissions coming

Tonight i received a nice surprise email from Gigi, one of the leading Affiliates in Lovemylotto’s management team. She informed me that my commissions for december were £50.30 and that a cheque would be coming to me! Excellent news! My first few weeks in LML is starting to work and i look forward to updating […]

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